Our very first coloring page is here !!


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AUREA  BLUE  POTTERY  has come a long way in the last two years, since the day that we fired our first batch of blue pottery. The beautiful colors of our blue pottery were the reward of our efforts, and we are so glad we have kept them alive all this time. Our patrons, all the pottery and art lovers, have shown immense support and encouraged us to become better. It is only apt, that we have you all on-board with us through our journey of pottery, and what can be a better way than “colors”. Colors hold a special significance at AUREA, amongst our artists and designers. Of course, the hand-painted precision of intricate floral and complex geometrical designs marks the superior class of this art of Blue Pottery. But the unique combinations and shades that we develop, ultimately gives our Blue Pottery the finish which is surreal.

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This AUREA  BLUE  POTTERY Coloring Page is for all pottery lovers, décor junkies, color addicts, and art maniacs. Yes, for all of you who meditate through colors, and sometimes enjoy it even more than the caffeine shot. Here is your reason to take a break and get busy doing what you love.

Go ahead. Take a print. Take a deep breath. And fill in all the colors that come to your mind. See how staying within the lines can be fun. Or, may be not. You have to find that for yourself. Just a little word of color caution, the lines on the pottery may play tricks on your mind!

You can download your coloring page here.

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HAPPY COLORING ! Hope you have loads of coloring fun.

Don’t forget to share your work with us on Facebook, Instagram , Pinterest or Twitter. We would love to be inspired by your colors.

If you are facing any trouble downloading the page, you can email us on contact.aurea@gmail.com.

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