Our very first coloring page is here !!


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AUREA  BLUE  POTTERY  has come a long way in the last two years, since the day that we fired our first batch of blue pottery. The beautiful colors of our blue pottery were the reward of our efforts, and we are so glad we have kept them alive all this time. Our patrons, all the pottery and art lovers, have shown immense support and encouraged us to become better. It is only apt, that we have you all on-board with us through our journey of pottery, and what can be a better way than “colors”. Colors hold a special significance at AUREA, amongst our artists and designers. Of course, the hand-painted precision of intricate floral and complex geometrical designs marks the superior class of this art of Blue Pottery. But the unique combinations and shades that we develop, ultimately gives our Blue Pottery the finish which is surreal.

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This AUREA  BLUE  POTTERY Coloring Page is for all pottery lovers, décor junkies, color addicts, and art maniacs. Yes, for all of you who meditate through colors, and sometimes enjoy it even more than the caffeine shot. Here is your reason to take a break and get busy doing what you love.

Go ahead. Take a print. Take a deep breath. And fill in all the colors that come to your mind. See how staying within the lines can be fun. Or, may be not. You have to find that for yourself. Just a little word of color caution, the lines on the pottery may play tricks on your mind!

You can download your coloring page here.

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HAPPY COLORING ! Hope you have loads of coloring fun.

Don’t forget to share your work with us on Facebook, Instagram , Pinterest or Twitter. We would love to be inspired by your colors.

If you are facing any trouble downloading the page, you can email us on contact.aurea@gmail.com.

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At Aurea, we do things a little differently!
Do you think this is junk clay?
Do you think this is junk clay?

This isn’t junk clay, this is how blue pottery looks at the initial stage of preparation.

Here is a step by step description of how our craftsmen skillfully craft articles from scratch, and create the finest blue pottery! We promise this isn’t any ordinary pottery.

At Aurea, we do things a little differently!
Handcrafted at Aurea-1
Preparing clay like mixture with quartz powder and other ingredients.

Blue pottery is the only form of pottery in the world which doesn’t require natural clay or mud! We use a very special clay-like mixture prepared by soaking powdered quartz (stone) and glass pieces with small quantities of minerals.

At Aurea, we believe in hard work and perfection.
Handcrafted at Aurea-1
Craftsman finishing the molded form with sand-paper.

When the clay like mixture is pressed into molds and and left to dry, the form of articles is hardly perfect. To convert what-initially-looks-like-junk into a perfectly shaped articles, our craftsmen rub, scrape and finish the surface until all visible defects are removed.

Handrafted at Aurea-2
Very meticulously, our craftsman rubs the edges with sandpaper
Handcrafted at Aurea-5
Finishing up the surface a little more
Handcrafted at Aurea-6
Getting a hand-made perfect surface

At Aurea, we believe in the highest standard of perfection.

That’s why, a satisfactory even surface isn’t enough for us. The surface is layered with fresh coating of liquid clay-like mixture to get a very smooth surface, almost like paper.

Handcrafted at Aurea-7
Layering for smoothness
Handcrafted at Aurea-8
Scraping off the rough part of surface
Handcrafted at Aurea-8
Sanding on stone slab

At Aurea, only one thing takes us beyond hard work and perfection. And that is our love for the art.
Handcrafted at Aurea-12
Painting “elegance” isn’t ordinary. And that’s why, we removed a few hairs off the thinnest paint brush available in the market.
Handcrafted at Aurea-9
With a steady hand our craftsmen make precise grid-lines …

Its about time we upgrade the bare white surface of these boxes. Have a closer look at this process which is 100% hand-crafted at Aurea.

Handcrafted at Aurea-11
Now, our craftsmen intricate designs which make blue pottery stand out.
Handcrafted at Aurea-13
And… that’s how it is done!

At Aurea, colors hold a very special place.

Handcrafted at Aurea-14

This is what turquoise blue color looks before firing.

If you look at a piece of blue pottery before firing, you might wonder that we have eliminated BLUE from our color palette.

Handcrafted at Aurea-15
Persian blue color looks greyish before firing


The metal oxide colors applied on the pottery make painted articles appear in grey and brown hues before being fired in a kiln. A coat of transparent glaze is applied on the painted surface and the articles are left to dry. Upon firing, the glazed surface shines with bright blue tones.

At Aurea, blue pottery is not just beautiful, it is functional too.

Converting what-initially-looks-like-junk into an elegant desk organizer, our craftsmen have shaped another beautiful specimen. The desk organizer comes with a wrought iron pedestal which allows for durability and convenience.

Desk organizer set
Desk organizer set
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Home Styling for Holi

Home Styling for Holi-1
Aurea Blue Pottery Home Styling for Holi

Cherishing Spaces has made a lovely feature on Aurea. The blog feature gives tips on contrasting color decor which pairs very well with our blue pottery. See how you can put up a fabulous festive layout on the dinner table using our owl planter, tea-lights and coasters. Click here to read the blog feature in detail. This video made by Vasudha of Cherishing Spaces, captures the style quotient of Aurea perfectly.



Aurea Blue Pottery Home Styling for Holi
Aurea Blue Pottery Home Styling for Holi

Picture credits: Cherishing Spaces (www.cherishingspaces.com)

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