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Aurea presents to you the most exquisite range of handcrafted sustainable blue pottery. Our products shine with artistic elegance, showcasing extraordinary designs and unbeatable craftsmanship. If you are looking for artistic enhancements and accessories for your home, office or kitchen, it is time to start building your unique collection now, with our fabulous range of products.



AUREA BLUE POTTERY, is a social enterprise based in Jaipur, Rajasthan (INDIA).
It is a fresh venture, established with the aim of reviving the traditional art of Jaipur’s Blue Pottery and providing livelihood to craftsmen. At AUREA, we collaborate with local craftsmen and empower them with our design and marketing efforts. Our designs and forms are focussed on aesthetics, marketability, utility and durability. The reasonable profits we make help us bring sustainability to this venture.

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The name AUREA, which means splendid and beautiful, is inspired by the result of our first trial batch – which gave radiant hues and shining surface. Although we stand for the future of Blue Pottery, we have made a conscious choice to remain true to this art which binds us to the rich heritage and culture of Jaipur. By opting to shun mass production, we nurture each piece with the time and skill that truly makes it a masterpiece – an object which will become priceless with time. With every product which leaves our premises, we wish to become a part of our customers’ life, join in their joy of gifting, share with them the pleasure of decorating a home, and take pride in their organized desks. With the encouragement of our patrons, we hope to keep this craft alive and spread the glamour of its vibrant hues.



Each one of our products is unique in its imprint and texture. The visible brush strokes and neat free-hand curves are the artistic expressions of our craftsmen, which cannot be reproduced in digital print. We take special care to compliment our blue pottery with mixed-material accessories, which add durability and utility to the most delicate pieces.We have poured our heart and soul in the design and form of each piece, so that when you set your eyes on it, you would witness the art with our spirit. We take our inspiration from all things beautiful, and most importantly from the aspirations of our audience, because we want our art to help you connect with yourself.  




Although it originated in ancient Persia, the art of blue pottery was brought to the craftsmen of Jaipur in the early 18th century. Blue pottery derives its name from the distinct use of Persian blue color. Indeed, the precise hand-painting under a transparent glazed surface, makes blue pottery stand out; but there is lot more to blue pottery than what meets the eye. It is the only form of pottery in the world which is made without the use of natural clay or mud. Instead, a special combination of powdered quartz, glass pieces and other minerals is used to make the clay-like mixture for making blue pottery. Interestingly, Jaipur’s blue pottery is also the only form of low-temperature glazed pottery which is made with a single firing process. These unusual attributes have earned Jaipur’s blue pottery a lot of fame in its own niche in the international market.

The blue pottery of Jaipur artisans